Installing for MAC

If you are using an Apple MAC, you will need to do a few things differently. First you need to install the Java SDK 8 which can be found here. Note, do NOT install the Java SDK 9 version, as it will not work. If you have already installed version 9 then you will probably have to select version 8 to use. Instructions on how to do that can be found here.

Next download the robot tools here, and extract the RobotTools folder to your desktop.

Next you need to download and install the MAC version of Eclipse which can be found here.

When you start Eclipse, you need to select the workspace WorkspacePi2017 which can be found in the RobotTools folder that you just downloaded:


Next you should be able to start the Driver Station by double clicking on the PiDriverStationOSX.jar item:

Which should result in the following window:


This driver station should function pretty much the same way as the Windows version, except that the Launch Putty and Shutdown Pi functions will not work as they depend on a Windows only program called Putty. We will need to perform these operations manually.

To launch the program on the Pi that will allow you to download and run programs, you must first launch which can be found in the Applications folder on your MAC:


Running this program will result in the following window:


Turn your robot on, and connect your robot’s WiFi hotspot. Then type the following command:

ssh pi@

When you enter this command, it will ask you for a password which is ‘raspberry’. Once you enter the password you should see:

Now you need to start the program that will allow you to download and run programs on the Pi. Do this by typing:


You should then see the following:

Once this program is running you should be able to use Eclipse to download and run programs as described in the tutorials.

We need to cover one more thing before we go. It is best to shut the Pi down gracefully rather than simply unplugging it. This is not essential, but I advise you to do it when you can. To do this, bring up the terminal window shown above and press Control-C to terminate the running program. Then type the following at the prompt:

sudo shutdown now

Doing so should result in the following:

Once the little light on the Pi stops blinking and goes out, it is safe to unplug it.