Robot Java

This tutorial uses Visual Studio Code and the new FRC command structure.

In this tutorial we are going to program some small robots to do various tasks. We will be using an interface which closely parallels the interface that will be used to program the FRC robots.  This tutorial assumes that you have a rudimentary understanding of Java programming. If this is not the case, please work through the exercises in the Basic Java tutorial.

When you work through these exercises you will be tempted to simply copy and paste the code into your program. I strongly advise you not to do that and, instead, type in the code line by line. Entering the code manually will help reinforce what you are seeing. It will also give you experience in finding and fixing mistakes that you make in transcribing the code.

For this tutorial we will be using the small robot which is described in the Building The Robot section.

So let’s start by creating our first robot project.

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