The following file are available for download:

  • – This file contains the robot tools for the new VS Code version of the tutorials.
  • – This is a local copy of this website. It is useful when you are working with the robot tutorials since you cannot be connected to the internet when you are connected to the robot’s WiFi.
  • – This file contains a Raspberry Pi 3 image which configures the Raspberry Pi as a network access point named Robot0 with an IP of This image will work on a Raspberry Pi 3B and Pi 3B+ and a Raspberry Pi Zero W, but will not work on an Raspberry Pi zero or a Raspberry Pi 4. You will need an 8 GB micro SD card to use this image. This image has remote desktop enabled.
  • – This file contains the STL files needed to build the robot described here.
  • – This file contains two Eagle CAD projects. One is for a breakout board for the TALON SRX, and the second is a board which plugs into the RoboRio and uses an Arduino Pro Mini to control a MPU6050 gyro.
  • – Contains ImageViewer and PathPlanner.