Running Your Program

In this section will show you how to control your program using the Driver Station which you can download here (sorry, only a Windows version is available at this time):

Driver Station Download

Just unzip the file and place the executable anywhere (e.g. your desktop) and then run the program.  This should then display the following dialog:


You need to set the Com Port to the port to which your robot is paired (see the section on paring your robot).  You do not need to set the Speed value because the Bluetooth is configured to run at a fixed speed and that speed cannot be changed by the controlling computer anyway.

Once you have the Com Port set, click the Connect button to connect to the robot.  If the connection succeeds, you should see the following screen:


If it says Connected then your program is ready to run and clicking the Run button will start it.  Since we just uploaded our Hello World program, if we click the Run button now, we will see the following:


Note that the last line is the Hello World! that we told it to print.  Note that everything that you print using the Arduino Serial.print functions will be displayed in the text window of the Driver Station.

When your program if finished, clicking the Disconnect button will disconnect the Driver Station from the robot.  Note that only one program can connect to your robot at a time, so if your forget to disconnect the Driver Station from the robot, the next time you try and upload your program, it will fail.  If that happens, simply disconnect the Driver Station  and try again.

Now that we know how to build and run programs, let’s try and make the robot actually do something!

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