Final Challenge

Now it is time to put together all that you have learned to complete this Final Challenge. This challenge is going to be a competition of sorts in that you will be competing with others who have completed this course to see who is the champion.

The field will consist of 3 outward facing towers, arranged as shown below in green:

Your robot will be preloaded with 30 nerf balls and you may start at any position behind the starting line. The robot must operate completely autonomously, shoot balls into the various targets, and then, optionally, return to beyond the starting line.

Once all the balls have been scored, we will first count the number of balls that are placed in all three targets and the score will be three times that number. Then we will count the number of balls that are placed in just two targets and that score will be two times that number. Finally we will count the number of balls placed in a single target and that score will equal the number of balls.

For example if you shoot all 30 balls into a single target you will get 30 points. If you shoot 15 balls into one target and 15 balls into a second target you will get 60 points. If you shoot 10 balls into each of the three targets you will get 90 points. You can, of course, have any other combination. In addition, you will be awarded 10 points if your robot breaks the starting line at the end.

You will have a nominal 30 seconds to complete the challenge. Your robot is not required to complete the entire course and may stop at any time. You will be timed from when you start your robot until it either finally stops, or it crosses the starting line. For every second above 30, five percent will be deducted from your total score. Alternately, for every second below 30, five percent will be added to your score.

Since reproducibility is important, when you are ready to be scored, you must run three trials in a row and your total score will be the sum of all three trials.

Good Luck!